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1 – Personal Service

When you hire a company to perform a home inspection in Kansas City, you expect great service.

Therefore, when you call my phone number you will get me, Rod Collins, not an answering service.

As a result, this makes scheduling a time with you and your agent a breeze.  Also,  because I value your precious time, I’m always early to the appointment – usually 30 minutes!

The bottom line? 

You’re the most important person at your Home Inspection, and I promise to treat you like it!

2 – A Great Home Inspection

I promise to use all my experience to give you the very best inspection possible.

For example, I go above and beyond the home inspection to give you a Complete Home Analysis!

Which, includes components that other companies just don’t cover.

Then, after the inspection, I will explain my findings with you.  Answer all your questions and give you advice on how the issues should be handled.

I personally warranty all my home inspection services for a full 120 days after the inspection.  If you’re not satisfied, you pay nothing.

It’s that simple.

3 – A Fabulous Report

Your report is delivered online through Home Gauge, and includes detailed descriptions along with pictures and video.  That way, you see exactly what I’m talking about.

I use simple language that anyone can understand, but it’s written with enough industry language that contractors get a clear message too…

Your inspection report will be available for you and your agent within 24 hours of the end of the inspection.

I don’t deliver same day reports and the reason is simple…

It takes hours to research and write a report that’s detailed and specific to your home Delivering that type of quality can’t be done the same day.

Happy clients say…

“Rod impressed me even more with his report! Not only was everything included, but recommendations and ideas for repairs were included as well. He took great pictures and labeled each concern with arrows or whatever was needed to point out the issue. I am a loan officer and review home inspections from all over the country on a daily basis. Rod goes above and beyond the best I have encountered! Thanks again!”

More Happy Clients…

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Choose Your Home Inspection

Below are packages with special pricing…

Total Home Inspection

All major inspections included give you maximum protection. 

This includes:

  • Complete Home Analysis
  • State Certified Termite Inspection
  • 48 hour fool-proof Radon Measurement*
  • Sewer Line Scoping*

Complete Home Inspection

The major inspections included give you great protection.

This includes:

  • Complete Home Analysis
  • State Certified Termite Inspection
  • 48 Hour fool-proof Radon Measurement*

Basic Home Inspection

The two basic inspections included give you good protection.

This includes:

  • Complete Home Analysis
  • State Certified Termite Inspection

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